New Zealand maintains a disqualification rule for all blacks abroad

New Zealand maintains a disqualification rule for all blacks abroad

Like his predecessors, new All Blacks coach Scott Robertson will not be able to select players who play overseas. The New Zealand Rugby Union (NZR) has reaffirmed its policy of disqualifying international players who do not play for one of the country’s franchises.

The aim of this rule in particular is to protect national competitions, and avoid a mass exodus of New Zealand players towards more lucrative leagues. But many voices have recently risen to denounce this policy, especially after the departure of many of the All Blacks team to Japan or France after the World Cup finals this fall.

Now in Japan, New Zealand’s captain in recent seasons, Sam Keane, has made it clear he supports blacks playing overseas being selected. Robertson also expressed this desire when he was appointed coach in April. But NZR president Mark Robinson said on Wednesday the topic was not even discussed at the final board meeting of the year. “We are very clear about our rules and believe they have played a vital role in the All Blacks’ success for so long-Did you announce? But we also realize that the world is changing and from time to time these discussions need to be had. Right now, we’re really happy with the situation. »

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This controversy over the ineligibility of players playing abroad has spurred other selections in the past. Previously, South Africa was limited to “foreign” players with at least 30 international caps. But the Springboks abandoned this policy in 2018 and went on to become world champions in 2019 and 2023 with international players passing through the Japanese and French leagues in particular.

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