Air New Zealand wants to launch its first electric flight in 2026

Air New Zealand wants to launch its first electric flight in 2026

Air New Zealand Air New Zealand The Japanese airline announced on Wednesday that it wants to become the first company to fly an electric plane by 2026.

Air New Zealand wants to integrate a battery-powered plane into its fleet within two years, to carry cargo, AFP reports.

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Device: Alia runs on battery

The electric plane in question, AliaIt was designed by the American aerospace company Beta Technologies. The airline requested one of the planes. Model AliaBattery operated, it can be fully recharged in about an hour. Air New Zealand specifies in a press release.

“We aim to be the first airline to use new generation aircraft for commercial flights.” Kerry Hannifin, Air New Zealand’s head of sustainable development, told AFP.

The company has not yet set a date for potential passenger flights on electric aircraft.

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“The potential to decarbonise our regional operations”

As with electric cars, the distance a plane can travel is crucial. The plane is about 12 meters long and weighs three tons, and traveled 480 kilometers in one test flight, according to the airline. Its maximum speed is 270 km/h, and it can fly at an altitude of up to 3,000 meters above sea level.

After certification, it will be used for initial flights of about 150 kilometers, the company specifies. Air New Zealand has an option to purchase nearly two dozen more Aliya electric aircraft.

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“Next generation aircraft have the potential to decarbonize our regional operations.” Greg Foran, the airline’s chief executive, told reporters in Auckland.

Air New Zealand is not the only airline in the world making electric aviation one of its goals for the coming years. Last May, Scandinavian Airlines announced its intention to carry passengers on its first commercial electric flights in 2028.

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