New Zealand is the best place to survive the apocalypse

New Zealand is the best place to survive the apocalypse

when willthe end of the worldIf there’s one place in the world you want to be, it’s New Zealand. But you can also stay in Australia (specifically Tasmania), Iceland, the United Kingdom and Ireland, which are designated as countries Greater chance of surviving the collapse of society. This was created by a study conducted by the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University, to analyze characteristics that will ensure that any country has any chance of resisting the apocalypse as we know it.

Is the end of the world near?

The more complex and interdependent society becomes, and the more complex today it is in the entire history of mankind, the greater the risk of something going wrong. With devastating global consequences become concrete. “A combination of environmental destruction, limited resources and population growth”, let’s get started new pandemic, “can lead to a reduction in the overall complexity of civilization”, Explanation of researchers.

without counting Climate change, which is like putting your foot on the gas pedal at the current speed towards the worst possible scenario. The end of the world could be approaching slowly, escalating decade after decade, or suddenly, because of One or more sudden stimuli With a sequential effect that would lead to a rapid collapse.

How do you survive the demise of society?

If it really does happen, be resolute Geographical, economic and demographic characteristics It will give some countries more opportunities to maintain a functioning society. Factors identified by experts are energy and industrial self-sufficiency, availability of land for agriculture, population density and Isolation from other populated areas of the world which may have no way out (translated: the advantage of closing borders easily and avoiding the arrival of large numbers of desperate refugees).

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More than all other countries, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Ireland and the United Kingdom offer ideal conditions for surviving the breakdown of society; They are island countries which should be less affected by climate change. New Zealand in particular has “the greatest potential Survive relatively unscathed Thanks to its ability to produce geothermal energy and hydropower, abundance of agricultural land and low population.”

Among the five countries that can succeed, the UK is the one Which presents the most complex picture, due to rising population, declining per capita land availability for crops, and relocation of industrial activities.

The study has been published In Sustainability Magazine.

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