New Zealand is no longer a progressive utopia.

New Zealand is no longer a progressive utopia.

After the disastrous debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on June 27, American comedian Jon Stewart reacted as follows: “I will contact a real estate agent in New Zealand.” Joke, reported on July 2 by Washington Post, He was referring to the wave of Americans moving to the Pacific nation after Donald Trump came to power in 2016.

“Many were talking about moving to New Zealand, a far-flung country seen as a utopia, with a progressive leader in Jacinda Ardern and beautiful nature.” Written from Wellington by Rachel Bennett, New Zealand journalist Washington PostAnd many have: The 2018 census showed a 30% jump in New Zealand’s U.S.-born population over the past five years. That’s an additional 6,000 American citizens.

But now, since a coalition of conservatives, liberals and populists came to power in New Zealand last November, “It's a completely different place.”Jamie Pomeroy and her husband, originally from Boulder, Colorado, moved to Queenstown, on the South Island, a month before the election, the FBI says. Washington Post. What

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