Celine Dion becomes 'nuisance' in New Zealand

Celine Dion becomes 'nuisance' in New Zealand

Celine Dion on stage in 2008 in Montreal (Source: Flickr)

Porirua is going through a bit of its own hell…

Celine Dion keeps making news despite herselfIn fact, the singer has cancelled all of her upcoming concerts and tours for health reasons. He still has muscle cramps. Terrible because of a very rare disease. She is so set aside for restBut the music world hasn't forgotten her. Yesterday we learned that.He would have been paid tribute. By Vincent Nicolo, Anne Cella and the Live Symphony Orchestra, but today, we're going to talk to you about a rather special tribute…

a The petition was launched by the residents of Porirua.In New Zealand, against Noise pollution caused by Siren King. This is a kind of decibel competition that is regularly organized by owners of cars with enhanced sound systems. They “challenge” themselves by playing songs as loud as possible, and dancing until very late at night.Among the most played titles by these participants we find in particular: “My Heart Will Go On” and “It All Comes Back to Me” by Celine Dion.

So we're seeing some pretty lunar moments, like one of the petition signatories saying that if she liked listening to Celine Dion, she would “He doesn't like hearing parts of music that stop and start anytime between 7pm and 2am.”. Therefore, elected officials try to direct participants in these competitions to more suitable locations, such as the countryside, where it would disturb far fewer people.

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Even the contestants justified the choice of Celine Dion's music, explaining that “Celine Dion is so popular because these songs are so simplistic. We try to use music that has high, clean treble and doesn't have a lot of bass.”Anyway, we hope the singer appreciates this loud tribute!

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