New Zealand is being deprived of sleep at night by Celine Dion

New Zealand is being deprived of sleep at night by Celine Dion

Although Celine Dion’s ballads have always been hugely popular with most residents, this has changed for many Porirua residents in recent months.

For some time now, the singer’s fans in Porirua have made it their mission at night to spread her music further and, above all, louder. They hold nightly meetings in their cars and play Dion’s music through their speakers.

Unfortunately, this caused a decline in enthusiasm and an increase in complaints from residents as they felt their sleep was disturbed. Mayor Anita Baker supports the affected residents and explains that they cannot take it any longer and that she will therefore be launching a petition. This calls on the small town government to take appropriate action that will lead to the solution of their problem.

Siren battles instead of sleep

This type of night-time activity, in which drivers engage in large competitions using loudspeakers, is actually known as “siren battles” in New Zealand. The roughly 60,000 residents often have to endure sound from 7pm to 2am.

Anita Baker told AFP news agency that she is working with local police to find solutions to solve the problem and ensure residents can sleep undisturbed again soon. She also explained that she was concerned about people leaving the city because of the noise at night: “We don’t want people to leave the city because of the noise. This is unacceptable.”

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