New Zealand is a role model – this is how Switzerland wants to beat Norway

New Zealand is a role model – this is how Switzerland wants to beat Norway

At first, there was a confident victory for the Swiss national team – and the second group match continues on Tuesday morning.Image: Cornerstone

The Swiss are preparing for a strong match in their second group match against Norway. New Zealand is the model. They want to annoy the Norwegians with the same desire.

Switzerland will see a different Norway to New Zealand, Norwegian coach Hege Reis confirmed to the media in Hamilton, New Zealand, on Monday. After a 1-0 defeat to the home team, your team is under pressure. The Scandinavians’ goal is to win the group. So they have to beat Switzerland on Tuesday. “It’s their last chance,” Greens said, also the day before the game.

The Swiss coach does not want to turn her opponents’ pressure into her own. Grings says it would be better for the team to focus on its strengths. “We are very fit and motivated.”

Boost self-confidence

Mentally, the starting position for Switzerland is also different. They won their opening match against the Philippines comfortably. Grings said the team’s confidence has increased. The mood is very good. “We are well prepared,” Geraldine Roetler added. “It will be a very good game,” the midfielder said with conviction.

Meryem Tershon is preparing for a slightly “less spectacular” match. The striker, who loves the Norwegian in France, said two days before the match that she did not like playing against Ada Hegerberg, the top Norwegian striker. Her colleague Luana Bühler confirmed that the Norwegian is not afraid of duels. But she was confident: if the Swiss responded to this, the Norwegian would lose her joy.

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Hegerberg is preparing for a difficult match against the Swiss national team, she said. To relieve the pressure, try to get them thinking positively – and enjoying football. In addition to Hegerberg, the Scandinavians boast Caroline Hansen. Her health has been a bit bad lately. She was suffering from a cold. Reese said she will be ready for Tuesday’s game.

The potential has not been exhausted

In recent years, the Scandinavian countries no longer appear as strong as in previous times. Four years ago, Norway lost 3-0 to England in the World Cup finals in France. In the 2019 European Championship, the English women celebrated an 8-0 victory at home. Norway’s last direct encounters with Switzerland were evenly matched. In 1992, the Swiss women’s national team lost 0:10.

Norwegian Ada Hegerberg's reaction after missing a scoring opportunity during the Women's World Cup match between New Zealand and Norway in Auckland, New Zealand, Thursday, July 20, 2023. (AP...

After an initial defeat, Ada Hegerberg and company desperately need a win over Switzerland.Image: Cornerstone

For Grings, the Scandinavians’ defeat to New Zealand was no sign of weakness. The coach knows that Norway did not show what they were prepared for against New Zealand. Grings explained that Switzerland is not here “just to play along.”

The match will kick off in Hamilton on Tuesday at 10am Swiss time. In the second match in the group, the Swiss traveled to Hamilton on the North Island of New Zealand. Waikato Stadium has a capacity of approximately 16,000 spectators. The city’s rugby team matches are usually held in its park. Football has been played in the past, for example in the 2015 U-20 Men’s World Cup. (NI/DAP)

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Nati scores against the Philippines


Nati scores against the Philippines

Source: Keystone/Michael Buholzer

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