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New Zealand: Introduced a new weight loss device جهاز

According to the ad, it’s an intraoral device called “DentalSlim Diet Control,” which is placed over the first upper and lower molars.

The device features stainless steel metal strips, magnets, orthodontic cement made of glass ionomer, and staples.

While the user is allowed to open his mouth by about 2 mm only, and is limited to a diet Liquid, but allows you to speak and breathe freely, and can be removed in case of emergency.

The study, which was recently published in the British Journal of Dentistry, involved seven obese volunteers living in Dunedin, New Zealand. who lost an average of 6.36 kilograms in two weeks.

Paul Brunton, director of this project, points out that DentalSlim Diet Control will be an effective, safe and affordable tool for people battling obesity.

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New Zealand: a weight loss device.

“The main obstacle to successful weight loss is adherence to the diet, and this device helps develop new habits, allowing you to maintain a low-calorie diet for a while,” Brunton said.

This specialist also confirmed that using the device had no side effects

“It is a non-surgical, reversible, inexpensive and attractive alternative to surgical procedures,” he explained.

Its developers advise using it for two to three weeks, then stopping a less restrictive diet and then restarting it again.

While they also recommend DentalSlim Diet Control for those who have to lose weight prior to surgery, as well as for diabetics whose weight loss can cause remission.

Source: RT.

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