New Zealand give up its second victory over Italy

DrThe Europeans keep the race open: After a convincing victory for the New Zealanders in the first round of the 36th American Cup off Auckland, Luna Rossa scored the victory in the second race of the day by a narrow margin. Nothing could be seen from the New Zealand’s anticipated high speed advantage Te Rehutai, at least in the light winds on the E Outer Corridor at Hauraki Golf. Both victories were decided by captain Peter Burling for the New Zealand team, and Australian Jimmy Spethyl in favor of Luna Rossa, due to their mistakes seconds before the start.

Christoph Heine

Business reporter for South Asia / Pacific based in Singapore.

However, the New Zealanders were just seven seconds behind the Italians in the second race compared to the 39 seconds the New Zealanders took from Luna Rossa in the first round. Burling, who brought the world’s oldest athlete’s trophy to New Zealand in 2017 at just 26 years old, caught up with him in the second round of the day.

“If we had a track that would have been the length of our leg, we might have been able to get it,” he immediately encouraged himself after the losing race. For a long time, Spithill previously showed why, as a two-time Copa America winner, he is successfully sailing match-races with canoe against boat: he bites an opponent and covers him at every turn rather than driving his own race. .

This claustrophobic grip on the regatta track doesn’t look good, but it is very successful. The New Zealand team was very different: instead of covering Luna Rossa in the first round over the course of three laps of the short course, Berling, Tok, Ashby & Company sailed their own race. They increased the Luna Rossa lead from 14 seconds at the first buoy to 31 seconds at the end:

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