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It wasn’t elegant when a king albatross landed in front of a chick in the Tayaroa Head Nature Reserve in New Zealand: the big bird made a flip, but then stood up without moving and turned away. But chick isn’t just amazed – thousands of internet users too. Because the landing approach can be seen directly on the grid, it was photographed by an animal monitoring camera.

The video for the landing episode on the South Island of New Zealand became a huge internet hit. The short clip has been viewed more than 660,000 times since it was released last Saturday.

Non-stop insight into the life of an albatross

Users felt reminded of similar experiences while skiing or speculated what albatrosses were thinking. The ridiculous comment in a Twitter post about the video was “Flying is usually easy for albatrosses, and landing may be a little more difficult.” Royal Albatross Cam.

Established in 2016, as it’s known for short, the Royal Cam is a 24-hour live broadcast of the albatross nest during the breeding season. A service for nature lovers set up by the Department of Conservation of New Zealand (DOC) and the Cornell Ornithology Laboratory.

The king albatross is among the largest seabirds in the world and can live up to 40 years, according to the DOC website. They are classified as “at risk” by the DOC.

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