New Zealand from the top – 3 Saturday

New Zealand from the top – 3 Saturday

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New Zealand from above

In Episode 4, a tour of New Zealand’s North Island takes you first to volcanic highlands and a geothermal wonderland. Several volcanoes rise on the central plateau in the center of the North Island. There are enormous forces at work and shaping this landscape. The stunning plateau also served as the backdrop for the mystical kingdom of Mordor in the epic film The Lord of the Rings. Around 200 AD, Taupo volcano erupted. Tens of thousands of cubic meters of ash were spread across New Zealand’s North Island. The crater lake, which was formed several thousand years ago, expanded several times. Historical sources indicate that even the sky over China and Rome turned dark red at that time. Several fire mountains are still active today, including the Taupo volcanoes, Mount Tongariro, Mount Ruapehu, and Mount Njorohoe in the south. Mount Taranaki, located in the far west, is considered one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the region because of its symmetrical crown. There is an impressive legend from Maori culture surrounding its isolated location. Lake Rotorua, to the north, is also a crater lake. On its banks, hot air rises to the surface from deep within the earth, and clouds of steam drift across the lake. The trek leads through jade green sulphate lakes that look surreal. The entire scene seems to be steaming, the smell of sulfur is in the air, and geysers are shooting water into the sky. Te Arawa Māori educator Christina Gardiner lives here and knows her tribe’s customs and crafts. Over generations, people have adapted to the special conditions of the landscape and integrated geothermal energy into their daily lives. The hot springs function as cooking utensils: food is cooked in sieves immersed in the springs. The ‘New Zealand from Above – Paradise on Earth’ series shows New Zealand’s amazing nature. In individual stages that pass through very different regions, local people bring life and culture closer to the viewers.

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