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New Zealand: First journalist to host news with a Maori tattoo – Oceania

(ANSA) – ROME, Dec 29 – New Zealand television journalist Orini Kaibara has become the first female anchor to deliver prime-time news with a Maori tattoo on her face. International media reported this by retweeting a tweet from the journalist prior to her 6pm debut, in Newshub, on Monday, December 27.

“It’s really exciting. I really enjoy it. I’m speechless and proud of my progress,” Kaibara said, inviting the new generations to use their culture as a force. The 37-year-old journalist proudly wore the moko kawai, a traditional tattoo worn by Maori women on her lips and below her chin, which she did in 2017 when she discovered her original origins. Moko kauae drawings tell the role within a society or the story of a person and his ancestors.

He is still viewed with suspicion and prejudice by many in New Zealand, and the tattoo was removed by the new foreign minister, Nanaya Mahuta, the first Maori woman to hold this role. (Dealing).

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