Amazing call to vaccinate on billboards?  Watch out for editing!

Amazing call to vaccinate on billboards? Watch out for editing!

calls for vaccination against the
COVID-19 Using marketing and advertising codes? It is the image that interests many Internet users. Remember to book your booster from
birthday ! It features a large billboard with the Labor Party logo
New Zealand Attached is a photo of the Prime Minister
Jacinda Ardern. Share thousands of times
social networks, the poster continues: “Each booster gives you up to six months of freedom!” An asterisk specifies, however: “Freedoms are not available in all areas and are subject to change.”

This photo that has been widely shared on social networks is actually a montage. – Screenshot

An internet user comments on his account Twitter : “Soon in Europe: your freedom depends on a withdrawal from the government every 6 months.”

From fake

This painting is a parody of photomontages. since the appearance of alternate deltaThe government has intensified its contacts and calls for mass vaccination of the population.

But contrary to what the photo claims on social media, the initial billboard had nothing to do with the pandemic. Through reverse search, the original image can be found in various sites such as edvoy, which is a platform for the exchange of students abroad, and
stock struggleImage bank. In it he wrote the slogan “Let’s Keep Moving”, a slogan used by the Labor Party during the election campaign for the 2020 parliamentary elections.

The caption states that the photo was taken in Auckland, New Zealand, on August 8, 2020. Mark thus dates back to before the advent of the vaccine, which is very far from the Christmas period.

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