New Zealand: "Dog", the world's largest potato weighing 7.9 kg

New Zealand: “Dog”, the world’s largest potato weighing 7.9 kg

It is definitely the world record. While weeding their garden, Colin and Donna Craig Brown came across a massive 7.9kg potato.

The potato discovered by a New Zealand couple on August 30 weighed the weight of a newborn baby Doug. This potato weighs at least 7.9 kilos and could be the largest potato in the world, according to reports c . news. In the Guinness Book of Records, the heaviest potato weighed 5 kilograms in 2011. So the couple asked Guinness to recognize that the “Dog” is the heaviest potato in the world.

Gardeners Colin and Donna Craig Brown review the potentially record-breaking 7.8kg potato.

The couple discovered the feral spots when digging a bed of cucumbers and thought it must be self-seeding. They named him Doug.

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—Sky News (SkyNews) November 4, 2021

While waiting for a response from Guinness, the couple’s potatoes live the life of a local celebrity. In order to show it to as many people as possible, Colin built her a small platform on wheels.

Huge potatoes were placed in the freezer while waiting for an expert to confirm the record. But it could find a second life before it ended up as a concoction: the distillery showed great interest in making vodka from it.

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