22.2 million tons |  Milk: a record batch in New Zealand in 2021

22.2 million tons | Milk: a record batch in New Zealand in 2021

Dairy production in New Zealand is expected to reach 22.2 million tons in 2021, according to the US Department of Agriculture forecast, which is 1.2% more than in 2020. With 4.9 million dairy cows at the beginning of 2021, the dairy herd should decline by 0.44 % in one year. . At present, the conditions are correct. Pasture in good condition and sufficient fodder stock. The higher milk prices also encouraged farmers to purchase additional concentrates to expand their production. While the Covid-19 pandemic has not caused any disruption on the production side, New Zealand’s exports have been affected by the disruption of export logistics chains, particularly to China.

Additional milk production should be directed towards the production of milk powder: +1% for full-fat powder and +4% for low-fat powder, in the context of good international demand. Cheese production should also increase by 6%, driven by mozzarella. Conversely, the manufacture of powdered infant formula should decline by 10.9%, following the decline in births and the closure of some smuggling channels.

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