New Zealand does not announce the location of the next America's Cup!  "We're taking more time, Auckland is racing" - OA Sport

New Zealand does not announce the location of the next America’s Cup! “We’re taking more time, Auckland is racing” – OA Sport

which is long overdue Friday 17 September It didn’t come with the ad that every sailing enthusiast would expect. New Zealand has not announced the venue for the next edition of the America’s Cup. The owners of the ancient jug had designated this day as Limit contact of date and location It is one of the oldest sports competition in the world, but we still have to wait to see where the 37th America’s Cup will be held.

In fact, the Royal New Zealand Yachting Squadron (RNZYS) and Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) have officially notified The selection period has been extended, so that polling places can work out the final details and provide more necessary information on their nominations. As is known Shortlisted Cork (Ireland), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Valencia/Barcelona (Spain) Even if it was in the last few hours The possibility of holding the event in Auckland (New Zealand) is being revived. And it is precisely this glimmer of hope that may have prompted New Zealanders to delay the announcement.

By tradition, the America’s Cup saga (born until 1851) is tinged with a new chapter from a true novel. He officially explained the reasons for the postponement of the season Aaron Young, Commodore of RNZYS (Yacht Holder of the 100 Guineas Cup): “We prefer to give ourselves more time, in favor of the competition and the host place: we make the right decision rather than the hasty one. In addition, ETNZ members were unable to visit the various sites due to restrictions caused by the health emergency“.

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However, in the official statement, he did not hide us behind the finger of e There is talk of a letter billionaire Mark Dunphy sent to Team New Zealand two days ago, regarding the feasibility of funding it to keep the event in the Hauraki Bay.Where Peter Berlin and his teammates defeated Luna Rossa 7-3 exactly six months ago. In this additional time, the press release read: “Mr. Dunphy will be allowed to answer the questions we asked him last month“.

Grant Dalton, CEO of Team New Zealand, noted: “Most importantly, we have a number of really exceptional potential sites, with really competitive offerings. It’s frustrating for us that we can’t close our deal with a host site by the given date of September 17th, as we suggested earlier, but we are now giving ourselves more time to work on the final details for the different sites. As we’ve always argued, as unlikely as it sounds, Oakland was never out of the game. Now that we have received Mr. Dunphy’s letter, It would be remiss of us not to explore the feasibility of an event in Auckland It is fully funded locally. So far, there is no evidence that this is true“.

In fact, we still have to wait to find out more about this dummy site. But this time, there is not even an exact dateAnd he is hired by Team New Zealand who, as the champion, has the right to have his own time. The good and the bad at the America’s Cup…we’ll wait like the crew intends to participate (Luna Rossa at the top, Ineos OK Challenger records).

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Credit: ACE Studio Borlenghi America’s Cup Press

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