Italy and Moldova, Blue wants to be strong - OA Sport

Italy and Moldova, Blue wants to be strong – OA Sport

starts again. From Trieste resumes The adventure of the Italian women’s soccer team. After winning the final stage of the 2022 European Championship in England, Melina Bertolini’s team returned to the field after competing in some friendly matches that gave comfortable results. The victories over the Netherlands and Austria are in fact confirmation of the excellent path that has been followed and give confidence in the light of what will be.

Tomorrow, at 5:30 pm, the Blue will face Moldova in the first match valid for the 2023 World Cup qualifiers in Australia and New Zealand at the ‘Nerio Rocco’ stadium.. The selection of Bel Paese is included in Group G and the selection of Moldova will be the first opponent on the path of our flag-bearers, while on September 21 the national team will fly to Karlovac to face the hosts of Croatia. In addition to the two mentioned teams, there will be against Italy Lithuania, Romania and Switzerland. On paper, the Swiss are the most reliable competitors who, most likely, will play the direct pass for the World Championships.

The goal is clear: direct qualification Which will be reserved for the first of the nine groups, while the runners-up will play the playoffs in October 2022 to determine the first two teams to reach the final stage and the third team to qualify for a new match in Australia and New Zealand.

In theory, the first match should not be a problem for ItaliansThe Moldovan national football team is ranked 92nd in the FIFA rankings and has already lost in the qualifying rounds for the 2019 World Cup in France. It is true that you will not be allowed to let your guard down, at a certain moment of the season where the Bel Paese players cannot be in 100% shape because they have recently started official commitments with the clubs.

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We leave with a lot of enthusiasm and the awareness that we are a strong team. We know how beautiful it is to participate in the World Cup: two years ago in France we felt indescribable feelings and we will do our best to allow it to be revived. Qualification will be a primary goal of the entire movement. Internationally, women’s football is growing a lot and even the less traditional national teams are improving rapidly. On Friday we will find a different team than the one we faced 3 years ago. We’ll have to play with great humility and focus, also because we know that September’s commitments often hide pitfalls because our players aren’t at their best yet. But the path we took is the right one and I’m sure we’ll be readyCT’s words at the press conference (Source: Figc).

Bertolini, look at the summons, he will have a solid heart made up of Cristiana Girelli, Barbara Bonanci, Sarah Gama of Juventus, Valentina Giacenti, Laura Giuliani of Milan, Manuela Giugliano, Elena Linari, Elisa Bartoli of Roma, Give Aurora Galle Everton This ensures quality and experience compared to a group that has also opened up to younger players who want to appear more aggressive. The reference is Annamaria Sertorini (Roma), Sofia Cantor (Sassuolo), Agnese Bonfantini (Juventus), Ariana Caruso (Juventus) and Angelica Sofia (Roma).

Photo: Fabio Fagiolini/LBS

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