New Zealand determines whether to sell the "All Blacks" trademark ...

New Zealand determines whether to sell the “All Blacks” trademark …

This Thursday, the New Zealand Rugby Federation (NZR) will decide, through a General Assembly vote, If you agree to sell a percentage of the “All Blacks” brand to a US mutual fund, On an issue that has sparked a multi-day national debate in New Zealand.

California-based Silver Lake Fund proposal Consists of paying $ 280 million to acquire a portion of the “All Blacks” brand, The common name in the world by which the three-time world champions are known.

Silver Lake wants to buy 12.5% ​​of the commercial rights and the ability to negotiate agreements around the world to sell television rights and derivatives.The gate noticed NewsHub From New Zealand. The deal will raise the global trade value of New Zealand rugby to $ 2.2 billion, according to estimates. However, Several stars and former players have spoken out against the dealThey even wrote a public letter expressing their disapproval.

Four weeks ago, All Blacks captain Sam Cane, with the support of teammates Aaron Smith, Sam Whitlock and Dean Coles, as well as NZRPA President David Kirk and Captain Black Ferns (Selected Woman), Sarah Herini, are among the biggest names, They signed a letter to NZR opposing the agreement.

One of the main points of discussion relates to Haka, a pre-match Maori ritual that is almost as famous as All Blacks and hasn’t been for sale yet. In the controversy of recent days, some have compared the potential veto power of players to what happened last week with the frustration of several clubs in the European Football League.

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For Mark Robinson, the leader of the NZR, this agreement would “change” New Zealand rugby and, above all, It delivers unexpected wins for domestic clubs, often in red, despite the All Blacks’ success In all areas of the planet. The situation that has worsened even as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic.

“Clubs have sold their souls”He said in Radio NZ One of Robinson’s ancestors, David Moffitt, who believed in this Silver Lake “will try to pressure all blacks like a lemon, even if that means getting them to play pointless exhibition games in America.”

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