New Zealand, Covid case: Auckland closed for a week - foreign

New Zealand, Covid case: Auckland closed for a week – foreign

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand

Auckland, February 27, 2021 – a whole city Okand – 1.7 million people – ends with One week insurance Because One new case of Covid 19 have found. An infection of particular concern because it does not appear to be related to it Three cases were registered two weeks ago (And who have already identified a three-day block). at new Zeland This is how they respond to the virus that has infected the world, with a hard line that couldn’t be harder. And it works.

France, infection racing again

Strict rules to combat covid

As of Sunday morning, Auckland’s 1.7 million residents will have to stay home They will only be able to go out to work or make necessary purchases. Schools and institutions deemed nonessential must remain closed. The rest of New Zealand will be subject to more modest restrictions, such as limiting gatherings to 100 people and mask requirements on public transport.

Prime Minister: This is frustrating but necessary

the first Jacinda Ardern She shows understanding for the inconvenience, but is inflexible: “It’s frustrating. I know it’s — he said at the press conference — it’s very difficult, but we must remain united.” The rest of New Zealand, according to the head of government, will be subject to Level 2 restrictions that limit meetings in public places.
New Zealand dealt with the outbreak from the start with a swift and resolute response. The country, which has a population of about five million, has been registered 2016 cases and only 26 deaths so far.

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America’s Cup is in danger

at risk due to the closure, America’s Cup start, which was the first regatta between Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa Scheduled Italian night Between Friday 5 and Saturday 6 March. Auckland, the seat of the regatta, will rise to alert level 3 for a seven-day period starting at 6 a.m. on Sunday (6 p.m. Italian time). The rest of the country will remain at Level 2 for one week at all times.
The cricket match between New Zealand and Australia, scheduled in Auckland, was moved to Wellington behind closed doors. A decision is awaited by the Organizing Committee for the America’s Cup. “Due to the recent level 3 shutdown of Covid 19 announced by the government this evening, America`s Cup Event Ltd. is reviewing the situation and will work with relevant authorities and agencies to resolve the repercussions in the coming days.”

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