Australia insists on Super Rugby with New Zealand

Australia insists on Super Rugby with New Zealand

President Rugby Australia, Hamish McLennan, says it still Wants to see competition across Tasmania Next year widely proposed running the entire competition under Wallaby’s soil. McClennan wants all competition to be across Tasmania and Australia is proposed as the venue for all Super Rugby between the two countries.

If that happens, McLennan, who has already won hosting rights Rugby Championship 2020, says Australia will host all competition across Tasmania. “As an alternative, we are pleased to be able to propose the entire championship from here next year,” McClennan told The Australian.

New Zealand announced last week that it will host its indoor tournament With franchises in your country. new version of 2021 New Zealand Super Rugby With the same five franchises I played this year. Crusaders. Bosses, Blues, Hurricanes and Highlanders. This decision put more pressure on the relations between the two countries, however, on the part of New Zealand they left the door open by saying that after the local competition they were ready to play with the Australian teams.

The announcement surprised many, including franchise Pacifika, who applied to join Super Rugby Aotearoa in 2021. Idea Be able to build a team with players from the Pacific Islands He was seduced, but by the following year he had already been eliminated.

Given this news, Rugby Australia may have to play its second edition of Super Rugby AU, a competition that has gained a lot of support as the impromptu season progressed due to inconsistent timing and improved level of play.

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However, the New Zealand Rugby President, Brent Mbe, stated that NZR expects to have some sort of cross-over competition with Australia after its season in Aotearoa. “As far as we are concerned, we continue to have a dialogue across the competition,” Impey said.

New Zealand’s decision Refusal For Team Pacifica 2021 Could be an advantage for Australia. If the competition across Tasmania can’t take off next year, Australian Rugby will consider including a sixth team in Super Rugby AU Because it will allow three matches on the weekend instead of two.

“I would definitely like to do something with the islands team, but we haven’t had a formal dialogue with Pacifica because we assumed they would do something with New Zealand,” McClennan said, adding, “We definitely see all the countries that play rugby as equal partners, so we’ll see what happens.” If we can do something. But again, I don’t know why we don’t look for competition across Tasmania starting next year, given that the pandemic is becoming more complex, better managed than ever and travel bubbles are being created.”

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