New Zealand: Concern for stranded baby orca

New Zealand: Concern for stranded baby orca

Updated Jul 15, 2021 2:08 PM

  • A baby orca was stranded off New Zealand on Sunday.
  • Animal rights activists are concerned about the welfare of the killer whale and are trying hard to find a flock.
  • He can’t live alone because he’s still too young for that.

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A stranded baby orca still keeps many animal rights activists on the lookout in New Zealand. A killer whale was seen in the shallow waters off Plemerton Beach in the North Island on Sunday. Since then, several volunteers have been searching for his flock at sea – to no avail so far.

The whale is only four to six months old, and still too young to live alone in the wild. On Thursday, the Stuff news portal, citing the Nature Conservancy, reported that he is being fed daily and is in stable condition.

“Toa” has its own swimming pool

Little ‘tawa’, as orca were baptized by local Maori, was struck by his fin while stranded. They said the wounds healed well. There are always four people in the water to calm him down and monitor his health.

While the marine mammal was initially secured in a kind of natural fence off the coast, aides have now built a swimming pool for it as a precaution that can hold 32,000 liters of water. The reason: In the region, adverse weather conditions with higher waves are expected in the next few days.

“This is our plan B for when we think the seas are too rough and the welfare of local calves and volunteers may be at risk,” said Ian Angus, a marine expert with the Department of Conservation.

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It is believed that the herd had to leave the baby behind because they failed to free the little boy from the rock pool when the tide came out. The assistants are currently looking for any nearby herd because the animal needs breast milk. Female orcas are known to be able to adopt whale calves as surrogate mothers. (ff/dpa)

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