New Zealand challenges Covid-19 with the 2021 Copa America

New Zealand challenges Covid-19 with the 2021 Copa America

Despite the official announcement of the 7-day lockdown, the new Zeland And a city Auckland, Headquarters of the 36th edition of America’s Sailing Cup, They aim to make the most of the medium of this amazing event.

Auckland and New Zealand will actually host the 2021 American Cup, scheduled in Hauraki Bay, from Saturday 6 to Monday 15 March (always with 7 wins out of a total of 13 races). In the water Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (ITA) and Emirates Airline New Zealand (NZL), the latter in the role of Cannons The trophy officer distinguished by the initials “AC36”.

Despite the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 health emergency, the organizers have managed to engage an entire nation (through television networks and social media) and, at the same time, promote the tourism image of the world’s unique landscapes.

“This specific situation was not born today,” he said. Marco MaziAnd the PhD expert in sporting events management. “It is a road born, in 2000, with New Zealand, a country that currently has just over 4.9 million people, and is interested in creating a global event capable of doing, through sailing and the America’s Cup (the oldest sports cup in the world) to combine sports, tourism promotion and development. Local economies … already over 20 years ago New Zealand government And the Tourism Board, support the project on convergence investments € 8 million (Local sponsors invested up to 8 million in organizing the event.) The results were immediately palpable: 1.25 million tourists visited Auckland and New Zealand, and more than 4,200 employees (workers and volunteers) have contacted. The numbers, five decades later, which would have clearly been surpassed had there not been this terrible epidemic. Despite this, the New Zealand authorities did not lose this unique opportunity to promote themselves internationally, using stunning visuals (during training, the Kiwi team also reached 65 knots of speed, ed.). Towards the future. “

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