"I'm excited to be back in New Zealand."

“I’m excited to be back in New Zealand.”

After what was his participation in the Premier League, Bjoden Barrett bid farewell to Japan as he is already preparing for his return to New Zealand“I am excited to be back and moving forward,” he wrote on the back.

On his Instagram account, an All Blacks star wrote an emotional message about his farewell to Suntory Songolyath: “After thinking about the past six months, I appreciate the chance to play rugby in Japan for Suntory Sungoliath.. It was a tough time living abroad and I wouldn’t have done it without my caring wife and mum adorable Billy. ⁣I would really miss the Sungoliat brothers, staff and fans, “he stated first.

Meanwhile, Barrett reflects on the season and talks about the future: “We had a great season, but we didn’t arrive on Sunday and it was hard to accept, but Panasonic did well. I know how determined they are to finish stronger next year. I am now excited to be back in New Zealand and moving forward. Thanks for the support as always. “

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