New Zealand before winning, postponing the next race

DrAmerica’s Cup goes to the next round. After the New Zealanders won the ninth round of the 36th edition off Auckland with a superb performance, the second round of the day was canceled due to weak winds. This tenth race was the first in which the New Zealanders could have secured an all-out victory.

Freudenker won –
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Christoph Heine

Christoph Heine

Business reporter for South Asia / Pacific based in Singapore.

Day five of the race before Oakland brought what the sailing world expected from the Copa America: gripping duels where teams gave each other nothing. In winds of between eight and eleven knots, the newly constructed AC75 performed ballet before starting at 46 knots (85 kilometers per hour). The run was conducted under a cloudy sky on track C, which is a path with strong winds and currents.

In the end, one mistake by Luna Rossa, who the New Zealanders had been waiting for, clinched the first race of the day. With this, the Italians opened the door for the New Zealanders to successfully defend the oldest International Sports Cup, which they brought back to Auckland in 2017, after their four victories in a row.

“it was really fun”

After the initial postponement of the start of the match on Tuesday afternoon, New Zealand captain Peter Burling got a better start on the leeward side, as he drove at a higher speed towards the upper limit of the virtual tournament and, after the turn, fell over Luna Rossa. The fine tuning of the last few days seems to have worked: the kiwis were often faster passing and for the first time they sailed roughly the same height as their opponents.

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