Hot stage in the 36th American Cup: New Zealand on the verge of defending its title – sport

Hot stage in the 36th American Cup: New Zealand on the verge of defending its title – sport

Shouldn’t speed really matter in the end? Should it be the boats racing the track at a record speed of over 50 knots, not because of their strength but because of a sensitive weakness in the 36th America’s Cup? Then on Monday, in the early morning hours of European time, the kiwi looks first like a lame duck in the water and then the Italians as well.

The winds dropped a lot on Hauraki Bay just outside of Auckland to help the 75-foot runners return to octopus-like flakes.

New Zealanders were the first to suffer from a “landing on water” accident. They were late after the start, but were quicker again downwind.

They now wanted to use the momentum of cynicism in Luna Rossa’s rear for a change of leadership. Then they fell into some kind of air hatch. It is the worst-case scenario with this sail coordination because the distance to the opponent becomes very large instantly with velocity differences of 20 knots. The Italians moved away. It looked like it was over, all they had to do was finish it.

For so long before, it looked like a duel between two equally powerful teams. The defending champion New Zealand’s speed in the winds was offset by the Italians’ strengths in the downwinds.

Playground made of boats. The nearer the decision, the more New Zealanders took to the racetrack to meet …Photo: Imago / Xinhua Images

After six races with a score of 3: 3, the New Zealanders won seventh, and now the Italians are preparing to equalize again. No other race in the cup’s 170-year history has come so close. If the predominantly American defense champion fell behind, which happened in 1920, 1934 and 2013, then a race to catch up with him clearly and unmistakably followed. Or lose the cup – with the same clarity.

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This time there is no catch-up race and no demotion. The Italians lose the first race on Monday because they do not “cover” their opponent at the crucial moment, that is, protect them with their sails.

However, with a smaller sail, the New Zealanders risk losing more and more power in weak winds this afternoon, sailing dangerously close to the lower range of their ability to fly. However, they go to the next eighth race with the same sail configuration.

Once again, the Italians led by helmsman Jimmy Spethyl got the favorite left side of the track from Luna Rossa by forcing Berling to slip.

A little “beautiful way”

But then, when the table is already ready, they also find themselves in one deadly lull before the end. You can see your opponent racing towards you a full 3000 meters from the run because he managed to get out of the water long ago. Do not. They are trying desperately to get back on their feet and continue on their path. In the end, New Zealand will claim its fifth victory as it emerges from the precarious situation faster than Luna Rossa.

What a “crazy sailing race,” commentator Ken Reed groans at the sight of the two yachts running. It really has nothing to do with sails as it moves across the wind in search of food, and is more eager to transfer new power to the wings than an opponent and racetrack. In fact, they are seaplanes. And they never look chivalrous unless they’re in the air.

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Peter Berling kept his nerve in the tough conditions of his home area and with a 5-3 lead, he achieved little …Photo: AFP

Blair Tuck, who controls the flight of the local team, then says that they have trained often under little winds and that they have come up with a “good way” to stay flighty shortly before the crash. This method makes the difference before the end of the Copa America. In any case, more than the start, that Burling clearly missed twice and spiel once. If Burling, Tuck and Australian captain Glenn Ashby continue their short stunts, they could successfully defend the Cup on Tuesday afternoon local time. Seven wins are decided.

Races 9 and 10 will start at 4:00 a.m. Here transfer and Here With German commentary.

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