New Zealand - Arte - TV Show

New Zealand – Arte – TV Show

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New Zealand

Isolated in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand has long escaped human encroachment. In search of authenticity, the viewer gets to know the entire island country, as it passes through the heart of New Zealand: from Fiordland, home of the hobbits, where lakes and fjords meander through green mountainous landscapes, to Cape Renga, the northern tip, where wild horses live along lonely sandy beaches. High-quality aerial footage, controlled by Alfie Speight, who became a legend with The Lord of the Rings, makes the film a landscape scene. So close to the peaks of the New Zealand Alps, from rooftops in the capital, Wellington, through the hissing volcanoes in Tongariro National Park to the treetops of primeval forests – each stop offers insight into the country’s history and into a unique animal world, for example with kakapos who It does not fly, parrots that smell honey during the mating season. But the beauty of nature is in danger. In New Zealand, too, climate change is causing giant glaciers to melt, and livestock farming and monocultures have left entire regions deserted. New Zealand faces significant challenges and is responding with a radical environmental policy.

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