New Zealand and Ireland hacker attack in hospitals

New Zealand and Ireland hacker attack in hospitals

In the peripheral country, this is the most serious cybersecurity breach in its history

cyber security25/05/2021 by editorial board

Ireland and New Zealand Are the countries involved in a ransomware attack on the IT health system. Individual episodes can be unrelated to each other, but the possibility of the same origin is not excluded: an unidentified international group of cybercriminals.

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Hacker Hacker New Zealand and Ireland situation

The attack that completely paralyzed computer systems has already been described in New Zealand as The largest piracy operation in the country’s historyShe left the entire health facility on its knees, which works on those systems every day for the health of its patients. Possession of this computer data meant that doctors and health workers were deprived of critical information, and far from a momentary return to peer, the most dangerous outcome was the one that led to the cancellation of more than 30 surgeries.

Regarding Ireland, I cyber criminals The ransomware manipulator asked for $20 million in ransom to restore systems and while waiting for that to happen they began publishing private information about patients, found as the target of the attack.

As I mentioned Wall Street MagazineAnd Kieran Martin – a cybersecurity expert and professor at Oxford University – said: “If they quietly force C-suite executives to hand out big checks, that’s a thing – adding -. If they cause big problems for the president of the United States and member states of the European Union, that’s a problem.” different.”

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In both incidents, no ransom has yet been paid, as IT experts are working intensively and relentlessly in order to recover as much sensitive data as possible. Certainly, the doubt raised by Professor Martin leaves room for imagination: are the two attacks related and are they just people looking for money or criminal groups whose intentions are neither known nor assumed?

time will answer.

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