It is not true that the Pfizer vaccine is illegal in New Zealand

It is not true that the Pfizer vaccine is illegal in New Zealand

Countless hoax of conspiracy theorists on Pfizer’s vaccine running on the net and on major anti-vaccination gates

Fact Check04/06/2021 by Ilaria Ronconi

This is news that is circulating on a whole series of portals specialized in the field of conspiracy and anti-vaccination, but in fact it does not find any confirmation in the objective reality of the facts. The Pfizer vaccine has never been banned in New Zealand. Here’s another hoax about the Pfizer vaccine that should be framed as such because it has such wide participation. In most cases, Pfizer has allegedly been banned in New Zealand because it is experimental.

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Pfizer vaccine hoax is illegal in New Zealand

Let’s be clear: Pfizer’s vaccinations in New Zealand are ongoing. What happened in the country is related to legislation and this only. In fact, in New Zealand, there was a Medicines Act that turned out to be outdated and that was attempted to be corrected through an amendment. No reliable source has ever stated that the Pfizer vaccine is dangerous because it is experimental.

Where does the misunderstanding come from?

As shown in Bufale.netThe law in question created problems during the health emergency because it was very restrictive to the context in which we found ourselves. The ministry requested that it be able to change the law, which was deemed outdated, in order to respond more quickly to the demand for vaccines. What the Supreme Court ruling said is that the proposed temporary amendment to Section 23 of the Pharmaceuticals Act 1981 is questionable. Goal. The conclusion is that rather than agreeing to the amendment, it is necessary to intervene directly in the Medicines Act.

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The end result is that the government, through Health Secretary Andrew Little, is aiming to introduce a new law by the end of the year to replace the old one and no one anywhere has talked about this imaginary danger of an experimental vaccine.

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