New Zealand: A mysterious stranger drops sausages into mailboxes

New Zealand: A mysterious stranger drops sausages into mailboxes

This mystery is making headlines in New Zealand. (© JJAVA / Adobe Stock)

It sounds crazy for it to be said like that, but it really is a story that really upsets Waiheke Island in New Zealand.

An unknown person enjoys throwing sausages and buns with sauce (a bit like a hot dog) into residents’ mailboxes, New Zealand media reported. RNZ.

The procedure is always the same: in the mailbox, the “victim” finds a grilled sausage placed on white bread, with a little sauce.

“That’s when I knew there was a problem.”

Asked by several media outlets, Jacob Coetzee, a resident of the island, said he was “one of the first victims”, having been “targeted” since April 2022.

If he naively thought he was just “a drunk who left the remnants of his meal lying around”, he was soon disappointed. “It happens, at least, once a month.”

I ended up thinking that friends were just kidding me. but not ! When I contacted them they sent me pictures showing that they also received hot dogs in their mailbox. That’s when I learned there was a serious problem.

YaaqoubSausage truck victim

But who puts hot dogs in those mailboxes?

It gets serious and starts getting people talking in New Zealand. Especially since Waiheke is an island. And in 2013, there were more than 8,340 people living there. Admittedly, the population increases to 30,000 during the summer season, but still.

“It destroys us, we can no longer trust each other. I was accused, and my brothers were accused,” says Jacob Coetzee, who interviewed him

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Almost a year later, the “culprit” had not been found. Meanwhile, as a New Zealand Police spokesperson gleefully explains, is nothing illegal about putting hot dogs in the mailbox.

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