New York Times calls on Biden to drop out of White House race after debate with Trump

New York Times calls on Biden to drop out of White House race after debate with Trump

After the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the night of Thursday to Friday, June 28, the most influential media outlets in the United States called on the Democratic candidate to surrender.

Editorial board of the prestigious American newspaper The New York Times President Joe Biden called on Friday, June 29, to withdraw from the race for the White House after his disastrous debate the previous day against Donald Trump.

In an editorial published Friday evening titled “To Serve the Country, President Biden Must Leave the Race” for the White House, The New York Times described Joe Biden as “a shadow of a leader” after the 81-year-old president took office and “failed his own test.”

Critical performance

Joe Biden swallowed words, didn't finish sentences and stared into space during Thursday's televised duel against his Republican predecessor.

“Mr. Biden has been an impressive president. Under his leadership, the nation has thrived and begun to address a series of long-standing challenges, and the wounds opened by Mr. Trump have begun to heal. But the greatest service to the public that Mr. Biden could make today would be to announce that he will not run for reelection,” The New York Times wrote.

Its editorial board brings together renowned editors and is supposed to reflect the values ​​of the media.

Members of the Democratic Party also questioned Biden's ability to assume a new term, which sparked a storm within the party, but Joe Biden confirmed on Friday that he is capable of “doing the job,” receiving support in this process from two of his predecessors, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

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