Even before the election, Melania Trump refuses to become a full-time “First Lady” again

Even before the election, Melania Trump refuses to become a full-time “First Lady” again

Jean Le Bourne

For Melania Trump, there would be no question of moving full-time to the White House if Donald Trump wins the US presidential election. The First Lady divided her time between Washington and New York.

For Melania Trump, her son is the priority. She was already very late in her husband's new presidential campaign – she was not even by his side at the end of his debate against Joe Biden – and the model of Slovenian origin had signed an agreement with Donald Trump that she would “100% not become First Lady” if the Republican camp won the next US presidential election.

As far as I know, Page six », Melania Trump wants to stay close to her son Barron Trump in his first year at university. However, it appears that the youngest member of the Trump family is expected to attend New York University in the fall. The former first lady wants to spend “part of every month, maybe every week” at the Big Apple and her apartment in Trump Tower.

The rest will follow after this announcement

Barron had never been completely alone before, and with the added pressure of being a freshman college student and possibly the son of a president in a heavily Democratic city, [Melania Trump] “She wants to be close…” explains the American media source, who notes that in 2017 she had already delayed her move to the White House for five months so that her son could finish his school year in New York.

Super protective mother

Page Six also confirms that Melania Trump, who was already known to be very protective, not to mention a “mother hen,” of her son, would have opposed his entry into politics last May. So if Barron Trump turns down the Florida Republican Party’s offer to be a state delegate, it would be at the behest of his mother, who will do everything she can to protect him from politics and the media.

It’s a strategy that Donald Trump’s wife seems to have adopted since the start of this presidential campaign, which was marked by her husband’s impeachment trial against Stormy Daniels. Her public appearances are rare and her speeches can be counted on one hand. However, insiders say she remains a staunch supporter of her husband, always as talkative as she is reserved.

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