New Netflix show with ads, Microsoft enters the tech dance

New Netflix show with ads, Microsoft enters the tech dance

To support this ad-supported first subscription offering, Netflix has foreseen an important technology and business partnership.

Showing the loss of subscribers that should continue, Netflix will soon launch a cheaper package with ad integration. In the face of competition, particularly from Prime Video and Disney+, the co-CEO of Netflix confirmed this week in an interview Given to the dinar: “We will give the choice. By offering it to customers who want to pay less and who are not put off by ads. Many of them grew up agreeing to watch a thirty-second commercial before a YouTube video.” if it was The launch date for this new type of subscription has not yet been decided, and it will be a global launch.

In order to prepare his show, SVOD chose Juggernaut as Technology and Business Partner, Microsoft. The American giant announced this on July 13 on its blog. “It’s a great day for Netflix and Microsoft. We’re excited to bring distinctive new value to our ecosystem of marketers and partners while helping Netflix offer more choices to its customers.” inform.

His job will be to manage technology related to selling ad space on Netflix. “Marketers who turn to Microsoft for their advertising needs will have access to Netflix viewership and premium connected TV inventory. All ads shown on Netflix will be available exclusively through the Microsoft platform,” We are learning.

“Microsoft has a proven ability to support all of our advertising needs as we build a new ad-supported offering together. Most importantly, the group has provided the flexibility to innovate over time in both the technology and sales side, as well as strong privacy protections for our members”For his part, Greg Peters, Chief Operating Officer of the SVOD Commander responded.

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