New Medical Space – Durtol (63830)

New Medical Space – Durtol (63830)

The new medical space in the city was inaugurated on Saturday

. Espaceavezou was created thanks to help from the state, as part of a recovery plan, and from the region. €450,000 was received as a grant at a total cost of €969,000.

Proximity and compatibility with the needs of the population

Eight rooms spread over three levels are available to practitioners and on the upper floor, a rest area with a kitchenette has been created so that professionals can relax in their workplace.

Energy solutions were taken into account, the access of people with reduced mobility was arranged, leaving only landscaping. So it covers an area of ​​1800 square metres 2 350 m² 2

Building, that this healthy place was set up, on avenue de la Paix, near the public transport network and the city center.

This multidisciplinary medical practice space is designed to be close and aligned to the needs of the residents.

Since leaving a GP, Durtol’s medical offering has been reduced, which shouldn’t be the case with the opening of this center. A general practitioner has already committed to joining the Temple within a few months, and others should follow.

In the presence of Mayor François Carmir; Philip Chopin, conservative; Yannick Boni, Regional Counsellor, Flavian Novi and Colette Bethune, District Counselors.

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