New joint military exercises raise questions

New joint military exercises raise questions

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Last year, at the same time, Moscow and Minsk already held joint military exercises. The one that began on Monday, January 16th in Belarus, this time in the midst of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, is for aviation. Like last year, Minsk emphasized that it is of a “defensive” nature.

From our correspondent in Moscow,

Last week’s trip raised a lot of questions: Immediately after the appointment of the Chief of Defense Staff, Valery Gerasimov, Head of Operations in Ukraineone of his assistants has gone to Minsk.

Is Belarus an important piece in the puzzle of this potential new Russian attack that everyone is talking about? Will she have to share more? So far, the country has essentially served as a rear base for Russian forces, and an offensive launched from its territory last winter ended with a withdrawal. Some experts also say that this military presence can serve above all to stabilize Ukrainian forces in the region.

These exercises, which should last two weeks, are currently only officially described and commented on by the Belarusian Ministry of Defense. It’s about my air force: it’s about reinforcement.” operational compatibility They say in Minsk. The two countries announced the creation of a single defense space in December 2022

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