New films set in Tolkien’s universe are in development

New films set in Tolkien’s universe are in development

Middle-earth fans can rejoice (again). After the broadcast of the first season of the series rings of power And more than 20 years after its release The Fellowship of the RingThe first part of Peter Jackson’s sacred trilogy, Hollywood is preparing to adapt Tolkien’s work. First of all, let’s reassure fans of the universe so attached to the New Zealand director’s trilogy, there’s no question in remaking works that have already been adapted for the big or small screen. It is indeed a new adventure to be developed.

New Line and Warner Bros. Pictures file New movie project. It was David Zaslav, President of Warner Corporation, who announced the news on the sidelines of announcing the results of the last quarter of 2022, according to the American media. Delivery time. New Line and the animation division of Warner are already developing an anime about the Battle of Rohirrim that takes place 183 years before the mission of Hobbit Frodo and his friends. The film is expected to be shown in theaters in the spring of 2024.

“Following our acquisition of Middle-Earth Enterprises, we are excited to announce this new trip With New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Freemode CEO Lee Guinchard said in a statement that the images are to bring J.R.R. Tolkien’s work to the big screen once again. We know how much fans love this work, and with our partners New Line and Warner, we have an ambition to honor the past while reflecting on the future. We are determined to put a Very high level of quality and requirements for this production.

It remains to be seen: which Tolkien work will be brought to the screen this time? Despite the breadth and detail of the triptych (Lord of the rings And The hobbit), the world of JRR Tolkien is still an unexplored continent in cinema. We want to invite fans to explore Middle-earth in depth…” said Michael De Luca and Pam Abdi of Warners. Middle-Earth Enterprises owns the rights Lord of the rings And The hobbit. Amazon and its series rings of power Can only benefit from the initial triple rights, and The hobbit and the supplements of these books.

Other works by Tolkien, including the famous Silmarillion but also unfinished tales and legends, They have not yet had the right to adapt to Hollywood. Works like The fall of the gondolin or The sons of Hurin, which tells the adventures of the characters during the First Age (before Frodo’s third and second era of the Rings of Power) could be an ideal playground for directors of these upcoming films. Moreover, it’s still too early to tell if Peter Jackson will want to resume his role as leader…

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