Log Splitter: 9 Innovative Inventions to Cut Firewood Effortlessly

Log Splitter: 9 Innovative Inventions to Cut Firewood Effortlessly

It is possible to split wood with an axe, hammer and wedge, but it requires great physical effort that not everyone can produce … However, whether you are young or old, woman or man, the wood must be split and cut to fit the stove or wood stove. There are automated tools called log breakers It can greatly facilitate this difficult task… It is clear that you will have to invest money, but if wood is the main method of heating, you will save yourself a lot of energy and time. In addition, you will work much more safely, because splitting wood with an ax is not affordable for everyone. A look back at nine innovative and accessible trunk dividers.

Wood chipper on foot

In the case of electric wood splitters, they present a certain risk for those new to the business of wood splitting. There is Pedal-operated log splitters that operate on demand with your foot. The walking wood chipper will allow you to work safely while keeping your back, since you only have to place the log on the splitter and then activate the pedal, so the log is split.

On a wood splitter, the cutting blade slides on a fixed rail surrounded by guard rails. she hasStrike force 1.2 tons It is allowed to split logs up to 45 cm long and 25 cm in diameter. Find our full article on the Pearl Foot Log Splitter.

Mobile wood chipper. Image credit: Amazon

Kindling cracking log splitter

This was initially supposed to be the student project of its inventor, Isla Hutchinsona young New Zealander, whose task was to design a simple and practical object for splitting wood … Then she presented her Kindling Cracker, which comes in the form ofCast iron collaracross which we reach a blade directed upwards.

#1 bestseller

Log Splitter – Kindling Cracker Original

  • The Kindling Cracker is the safest wood splitter in the world. Split wood or any other wooden object without much effort thanks to this blunt object. Using a dangerous tool and …
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Thus, at this point, all you have to do is place the log on the blade, and then strike it using a hammer So that the log is divided into several small pieces. Kindling Cracker sells thousands of copies every year around the world…and it’s not over getting people talking about it! Find our full article on Kindling Cracker.

Made from premium recycled cast iron in an Australian foundry.
Made from premium recycled cast iron in an Australian foundry. Image credit: Kindling Cracker

Slotting drills, another possibility for splitting wood

Wood chippers are decent, but can be a bit pricey when you’re not using a lot of wood. Another solution is to invest in zoning forests. to An investment of about thirty eurosAnd, provided you have a vigorous enough workout, you can have these little gadgets that will save you a lot of effort.

Technically, all you have to do is place the log horizontally, or on a block, and dig it in on the side closest to you. Be careful, don’t start the log on center, it won’t work. With these forests, you Also avoid splattering the wood And it’s a legion if you’re using a traditional axe. Find our full article on zoning forests.

How to split wood effortlessly?
How to split wood effortlessly? Image credit: Amazon

The Kindle Cabin Inverted Axe

Kindle cabin is The wood split system is completely safe which does not show any sharp edges. In addition, its design protects the user from any wood cutting burrs. To use it, place the log vertically in the tube formed by the tool, and then tap the log with a sledgehammer, which doesn’t need to be very large.

The log will split on the blades inside the tube. to make High quality cast steelIt proves to be very resistant and will not crack, as it would with a cast iron tool. It’s the perfect tool for splitting logs, whether for home consumption or camping, for example. Find our full article on the Kabin Kindle Upside Down Axe.

Log splitter for fast and effortless splitting of wood.
Log splitter for fast and effortless splitting of wood. Image source: Cabin

Splitz-All Log Splitter

Splitz-All looks like a spear featuring a sharp arrow tip. It also has a double handle that allows the tool to be folded down. this The hydraulic tool is a two-in-one tool which thus provides the axe and log splitter. Thanks to an innovative system, you will be able to choose the exact place where you want to see the splitting of the log, thus avoiding very uneven cuts.

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To use it, I have to Put the point on the record and then move the trainer. It will take a little bit of strength to perform this maneuver, but you will be able to keep your back straight and not bend with every blow of the ax! Find our full article on Splitz-All.

An innovative tool for splitting records
An innovative tool for splitting logs. Image credit: Good N Helpful

Leborgne log splitter

This model, made in France, guarantees maximum precision in splitting wood. The corner of this system is located directly on the log which Avoid mistakes Like when you split wood the traditional way. The system slides and strikes the log from the inside of the tube into which the wedge slides.

#1 bestseller

239,000 spare parts

  • Wood chipper for splitting wood without forcing and completely safely, for pieces 30-40 cm in diameter and 50 cm in length, can be used indoors and outdoors

It weighs only 6.1 kg for a height of 98 cm and can split logs up to 50 cm long and 40 cm in diameter… It also has a rubber grip that reduces vibrations. Find our full article on the Leborgne.

Leborgne log splitter
Leborgne log splitter. Image credit: Leborgne (YouTube screenshot)

Vipukirves Leveraxe log splitter

The Vipukirves Leveraxe log-splitting device comes to us from Finland and offers a new reimagining of the thousand-year-old tool that is the axe. Its inventor is called Karna hickey And he made it his mission to redesign the axe Thanks to the simple principles of physics It is much lighter than its sisters, weighing only 1.9 kilos. When a metal wedge is used, it imparts an impulse into the wood when struck.

Ax 2.0
Ax 2.0. Image credit: Leveraxe

So the ax uses the principle of direct force sent by the tool to split the wood…if the force isn’t enough, the wood fights back. Instead, the Finnish ax works Like a crane Its center of gravity has been moved from the center line. It is then necessary to set the offset angle relative to the handle, and then Kinetic energy which will act as a lever. Find our full article on Vipukirves Leveraxe.

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The guillotine he invented Pierre Alexandre Thomas

This is amazing Guillotine Record It is a French invention that, in May 2014, also won two medals during the Lépine competition. He invented his tool to satisfy a personal need. He heated his stove with wood, but his age and physical condition no longer allowed him to split wood in the traditional way. The man then proceeds to invent the guillotine which makes it possible to split a log in two, without making any particular effort.

In 2014 Pierre Thomas won the Lépine competition for the horizontal wood splitter;  Since then, these tools have multiplied
In 2014 Pierre Thomas won the Lépine competition for the horizontal wood splitter; Since then, these tools have multiplied. The illustration is not contractual. Credit: Shutterstock

His guillotine consisted of a device for manually splitting a log of wood, moving the splitting assembly up to the proper height and letting it fall back onto the log, splitting it in two; Split length 300 to 400 mm and diameter 20 cm. This ax device consists of an extractor pusher with a sliding plunger, The inventor is explained in the patent filed. For years he worked and perfected his tool, then filed a patent, but never marketed the guillotine, being unable to manufacture it. Find our full article on log guillotine for Pierre Alexandre Thomas.

Rabaud F80 log splitter

This log splitter is for extra large log consumers! And for good reason, it is capable of cutting 6 to 10 cubic meters of wood per hour. Invented by Cu-ma Armor Bûches, a specialist in the field who supplies splitting equipment in Côtes-d’Armor. The latter can be divided into 28 log slats with a maximum diameter of 80 cm and a length of 30 to 50 cmhe explains Eric PregentResponsible for planning company tours.

The machine contains a splitting grid of 16, 24 or 28 splinters (28 splinters for wood 50 cm long only).
The machine contains a splitting grid of 16, 24 or 28 splinters (28 splinters for wood 50 cm long only). Image source: Rabaud

To use it, you still need to be able to tow it with a machine of at least 90 horsepower. If you live in County Breton, this machine can be rented for €45 an hour. A good plan for making your own wood stock for the winter, effortlessly, and without having to buy a whole machine! Find our full article on the Rabaud F80 log splitter.

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