New addition to “GZSZ”: New Zealander Lewis brings his girlfriend with him

New addition to “GZSZ”: New Zealander Lewis brings his girlfriend with him

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September 29, 2021 from Swirl

Just Monday, “GZSZ” received Luis Ahrens, who was returning from travel after two years and is now played by Mark Weinman. Now his new girlfriend Miriam (played by Sarah Fox) is also supposed to be celebrating her debut in the Cooley neighborhood.

After Maximilian Braun said goodbye to Good Times, Bad Times (Mon-Fri, 7:40 p.m. on RTL) and his role as Louis Arens two years ago, the show's creators seemed to want to keep the possibility open for popular audiences. character to return to the Kolle neighborhood one day. On Monday, the time actually came: Lewis returned home from his trip through Australia and New Zealand. However, the fan favorite is now played by Mark Weinman.

As RTL has now announced, Mark, known as Louis, has another new addition to his luggage. Lewis's friend, Miriam Behnke, is scheduled to celebrate her first appearance on the program on Thursday, September 30. Maryam is played by Sarah Fox, who in the past managed to taste the soap air in a small role in All That Matters.

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Sarah Fox and Mark Weinman share a common past

In an interview with RTL, the 28-year-old, who previously studied psychology and completed acting training in Cologne, told what fans can expect from her debut in “GZSZ”: “Myriam wants to build a life with Louis in Berlin and have On good terms “Here she meets Louis's mother, Nina, and his older sister, Toni.”

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It certainly won't be boring with the brunette, as Fox promised: “Miriam wants to celebrate life and she doesn't lack for commitment or ideas when it comes to spending quality time together!” Louis Ahrens was seen as the best friend of Felix van Deventer's character Jonas until his exit. In the upcoming episodes, new addition Miriam will also make friends with Louis's friends.

By the way, Sarah Fox has a lot in common with fellow actor Mark Feynman: as the Cologne native revealed in an RTL interview, the two actors already knew each other: “We were in parallel classes at drama school and we had our first professional theatrical appearance during our training.” We got to know each other. We get to know each other better and love each other!” She couldn't believe her old friend had also been cast in “GZSZ.” “We had previously seen this as a perfect scenario,” says Fox.

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