Neues Album „The dreamers await“ To The Island ”

Fans of Australian / New Zealand rock band Crowded House can finally look forward to it again. The group announced about Nell Finn their first album in over a decade. The new record called “Dreamers are waiting” will be released on June 4, 2021.

The first signs of life

In October of last year, the band gave their first hint of life when they released their humorous music video for their song “whatever you want” Published. In the clip, Canadian independent musician Mac DeMarco plays a life-drawn party animal who has to deal with typical daily stress.

Now the music video for the new song follows “To the island”The band has traveled all over the world. The video was shot in New Zealand, Ireland and California, among other countries, and was co-produced by Finn and Mark Simon Brown.

Finish the album myself

Initial project recordings were made prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic, giving band members the opportunity to work on the unfinished sketches themselves. Vin remembers the situation like this:

So the album started with the band’s recorded tracks directly in a room, all full of personality and energy […] Then we spent the weirdest year, 2020, at some distance from each other. But we were in daily contact exchanging files and completing these tracks. “

Back on the road

To ensure the album gets the attention it deserves, Crowded House announced a tour featuring founding members Finn and Nick Seymour, keyboardist Mitchell Froom, guitarist and singer Liam Finn, as well as his younger brother and drummer Elroy Finn, for twelve years nationwide Concerts will be on the way.

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Anyone who thinks concerts will be delayed in a few days anyway is (most likely) mistaken. The “To The Island” tour will take place in New Zealand, where most of the Corona case has normalized and citizens have been able to return to their original lives. This would make Crowded House one of the first bands to back down on stage after the pandemic to play a national tour in front of a larger crowd.

Opening shot of the first concert at Claudelands Arena in Hamilton on March 4. The tour will end in 17 days at Spark Arena in Auckland. In total, the two arenas accommodate 18,000 visitors. A figure that still seems surreal to German citizens in light of the current situation.

List of “To Al Jazeera” songs:

  1. Bad times are good
  2. Playing with fire
  3. To the island
  4. Sweet tooth
  5. whatever you want
  6. Show me the way
  7. Goodnight all
  8. The beginning of something
  9. Too good for this world
  10. Real life woman
  11. Love is not difficult at all

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