Hyzon receives an order for 1,500 fuel cell trucks from New Zealand

Hyzon Motors, an American developer of fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, has received a major order from hydrogen specialty company Hiringa Energy from New Zealand. The customer orders a total of 1,500 fuel cell trucks over a five-year period, that is, until 2026.

According to an accompanying announcement from Hyzon Motors, the first copies will be operational as early as the end of 2021. The trucks are designed in a 6 × 4 configuration, have a sleeper cab option, and have Allowable total weight (Curb weight plus maximum load58 tons and a range of 680 km. The fuel cell trucks for New Zealand will be assembled at the European Hyzon site in Winschoten in the Dutch province of Groningen.

Part of the agreement is also for Hiringa to create a network of hydrogen filling stations in New Zealand in parallel. The network is set to grow to eight hydrogen filling stations on the northern and southern islands of New Zealand by 2022 in order to supply the entire North Island and 82 percent heavy-duty roads in the South Island. Only green hydrogen is used. The letter speaks of an “ambitious road to decarbonizing New Zealand’s heavy transport sector” that is shared by other leading New Zealand brands.

“We see New Zealand as an attractive market for using our hydrogen fuel cell technology,” says Craig Knight, CEO of Hyzon. This partnership aims to position New Zealand as the global leader in adopting zero-emissions heavy vehicle technology. The use of 1,500 fuel cell trucks by 2026 will contribute significantly to local decarbonization efforts. ”

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Andrew Clint, CEO of Hiringa, adds that they will jointly reduce technology costs and enable New Zealanders to achieve broad acceptance of the transportation of heavy, emissions-free cargo.

At Hyzon Motors, things happen in quick succession. The American company started operations in March 2020 only, opened its European headquarters in July, announced a stake in an unknown amount by Energy Total and other investors in the fall and announced an IPO a few days ago.

Technical data about FC trucks that will be manufactured in Europe in the future are not yet known. It is only clear that production in the Netherlands and the USA will be carried out by a partner: Holthausen Clean Technology is building a Hyzon truck on the basis of the XF Space Cab tractor from DAF. The Hyzon truck photos published so far for Europe show a DAF model with slightly modified front end and Hyzon uppercase lettering.

In the USA, Hyzon wants to manufacture fuel cell engines at its own plant in Rochester (New York State), and its future-designed trucks and buses will then be assembled by the partners.

When it launched, Hyzon Motors stated that it aimed to achieve global sales of its fuel cell vehicles and that it had already signed “a number of important agreements” in the USA, European Union and Australia to support the supply of green hydrogen vehicles. . At the time, the new manufacturer stated that it wanted to sell 2,000 “heavy” vehicles within three years. The capacity of the American plant in Rochester, New York, USA is slated to increase to up to 10,000 units per year as needed.

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