Neither Thor: Love and Thunder is neither funny nor entertaining, it is one of the worst Marvel movies

Like all previous Marvel Cinematic Universe installments, Thor: Love and Thunder It is subject to a narrative structure in which the artists have no opportunity to replay their formal obsessions and proposals, except to work tricks on them. the last Dr. Gharib, directed by Sam Raimi, testified to this very sad remark. At very regular intervals, Taika Waititi doubles down on phony iconic jokes and action scenes, in the middle of a want-to-vintage podcast, quoting Guns N’Roses about every 20 minutes. In retrospect, the recipe may have worked. The release of the first part of Guardians of the Galaxy In 2014, it gave the impression that Marvel could venture into more emotional territory, without distorting its blockbuster mechanics. Today, she looks worn and sarcastic, having no other goal than to provoke the viewer’s complicit smile.

But the most surprising thing to discover Thor: Love and Thunder It lies in the way the movie manages to gather so many powers and never exploit them. We talked above about Natalie Portman, whose character has gotten a little thicker than in previous episodes, but we’re especially thinking about Christian Bale and Russell Crowe. Their participation goes beyond the crime of humiliation of majesty. One of them plays a long, bereavement gray villain. The other, short-skirt Zeus, is obsessed with orgies and embellished with an improbable accent. Dreaming of turning his movie into disrespectful pop and nonsense, Taika Waititi gives himself body and soul to the task until he imagines a black and white sequence.

One does not, however, so easily confuse a great laundry superhero, who immediately reverts to its grueling routine and its dramatic quirks. Then comes the unexpected drama, bittersweet resolution, and then the post-credits scenes to convince everyone to take another dose in a few months. next november Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It will be officially 30The tenth MCU movie. More than ever, we wonder how we finally held up so far. This is also the magic of Marvel.

Thor: Love and ThunderDirected by Taika Waititi with Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale and Tessa Thompson, 1h59, released July 13 in cinemas

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