National Conservative alliance explodes after deputy prime minister resigns

National Conservative alliance explodes after deputy prime minister resigns

To maintain its majority, the first Minister Matthew Morawiecki You will now have to rely on members of other parties, especially the far right.

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One of the three ruling parties in Poland announced, on Tuesday, 10 August, its exit from the conservative national coalition after the dismissal of its leader from office by the prime minister.

“We leave the government with our heads held high, and my resignation is the end of the United Right and the collapse of the coalition.”Jaroslav Guen, head of the Concord Party, one of the three formations of the Law and Justice-led coalition, told reporters after Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki sacked him as deputy prime minister.

a party Yaroslav Legwin has 10 deputies in the lower house of parliament and his resignation could lead to the loss of the government’s majority. But his departure does not mean that the government automatically collapses because it requires a formal vote of no-confidence in Parliament. To maintain its majority, PiS will now have to rely on MPs from other parties, especially from the far right. In announcing his resignation, government spokesman Jaroslav Guen criticized for not doing enough work on major economic reform. He criticized the reform, largely financial, for affecting primarily the middle class.

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