Narbonne.  This project to transform the space of freedom that convinced

Narbonne. This project to transform the space of freedom that convinced

It's official, Grandz Buffett is not moving. However, if the brand decides to stay, this is also part of a larger project to modernize the Espace de Liberté. They recalled that Louis Privat was considering moving because he had pointed out serious flaws in the maintenance of the site since 2022. The latter was, as he put it, “Runny and unsanitary in some parts”. Since then, Grands Buffets has thought about moving to a new area, with the idea of ​​creating the first garden dedicated to French gastronomy. Then Carcassonne Aglou was chosen, “Through the commitment of its elected officials, the quality of their reception project, and the chosen location and its environment.”

Nearly €20 million of investments and a fiscally neutral process for public finances

However, the large urban community of Narbonne, now headed by Bertrand Malquier, wants to address the problem of preserving the space of freedom. Better yet, she has big ambitions for Espace de Liberté. She wants to do it “Occitanie's leading leisure site, with approximately 800,000 visitors annually.”

Bertrand Malquier confirms that since 2020, “The elected officials of Greater Narbonne have been actively working on a major transformation project, in order to improve reception conditions for different categories of users (swimming pool, bowling, ice rink).” The urban community will implement a major transformation program through an investment of approximately 15 million euros. This project provides for the creation of new spaces designated for the expansion of Grand's Buffets activities, on an area of ​​​​approximately 2000 square meters. “The cost of building this space (about 3 million euros) will be converted into the rent paid by Grands Buffets every year, making this process financially neutral for public finances.” The project will include updating the architectural signature of the building, improving the public reception by separating the flows of different types of users, and in particular by creating a specific route for Grands Buffets customers. Without forgetting the modernization of the various facilities (ice rink, swimming pool and bowling) and the renewal of energy in the building and equipment.

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A large tea room and a large local boutique, the new horizons of Grands Buffets

To complement the project delivered by Grand Narbonne, Grands Buffets will also invest approximately €5 million to develop new spaces. From the completely redesigned reception area, two venues will see the light. It will be available to all visitors, whether they choose to enjoy the restaurant or not. There is talk of creating a “Great Ice Tea Room”, “Designed on more than 600 square meters of the world of design.” “Great local produce store.” “It will offer 365 days a year to explore, consume on site or take away, in a space of approximately 1,200 square meters inspired by the great showrooms of yesteryear, one of the most prominent displays of regional and artisanal production in Occitania.”

To operate these new structures, Grands Buffets will see its workforce increase from 220 to 250 employees. Knowing that the brand toToday it is the largest restaurant in France in terms of turnover. Its reputation has now reached European level, attracting more than 390,000 clients annually, who are also spread across different areas of the Côte-de-Midi.

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