A “semi-regular” children's concert in Agapet Square in Saint-Maxent-L'Icole

A “semi-regular” children's concert in Agapet Square in Saint-Maxent-L'Icole

Wednesday, April 3, 2024, Agape Square in Saint-Mixent-L'Ecole welcomes the great orchestra of the school Kazi Classic For an unusual, comic and crazy concert, in which Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart and many other composers find themselves crowded together.

“Classical music… because it provides emotion, because it transports us and because it touches us deeply, Rikita, Beto and Beaudoin don't just play it, they live it!” So much so that these three passionate musicians present a very personal version of some of the most famous works in the classical repertoire. But all of this requires rigor, focus, and great seriousness… And there, we quickly realize that it is not a given! » Ernesto Baritone company details.

This show, which mixes theater and music, is aimed at a young audience. Children will find Lucy Pires on accordion, saxophone and toy piano, Anthony Angebault on saxophone and Anthony Boylan on clarinet, ukulele and banjo.

Wednesday 3 April at 3pm at Espace Agapit in Saint-Maixent-l'École. Duration: 50 minutes. From 3 years. Prices: from 8 euros to 12 euros. Free for under 18s. the tickets : billetterie.festizik.net/agapit
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