Mythical – Teutoburg Forest

Mythical – Teutoburg Forest

At approximately 150 kilometers long, the Teutoburg Forest is the longest mountain range in Germany. The highest peak reaches 450 metres. The region lies in the heart of Germany and extends from Osnabrück in the northwest to Paderborn and Hoxter in the southeast, and is therefore almost identical to the East Westphalia-Lippe region.

Vast forests, mountain ranges, rivers, small lakes and swamps. You hear over and over from residents that God tried his hand here, and that’s why the landscape is so diverse.

Due to its geological and natural diversity, the Teutoburg Forest offers a unique wealth of natural remedies. It is also called “Heilgarten Deutschland”. There is no other place in Germany where you can find as many spas as here in this small area.

There are also picturesque Renaissance towns in Weser, which get their name from the nearby town of Weser. The river borders the region to the east and finally flows into the North German Plain at Porta Westfalica.

Axel Bulthaupt goes on a journey through the Teutoburg Forest in a new episode of his series “Saginhaft”. He experiences landscapes with magical images never seen before. A film with amazing aerial shots.

He meets the people who shaped the country and those who shape the country.

About the Pharos Battle Museum Meet the Germanic tribes and Romans, or those who think they are. For it is said here that Herman of Cherus defeated the Romans, who were far superior in weapons. Axel Bolthaupt talks to the director of the open-air archaeological museum Orlinghausen, who is responsible for the entire Germanic village. He meets a biologist who lost heart to highland cattle and has regrazed ancient forests with his animals.

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In Bielefeld, specifically in Bethel, charitable work has been practiced since 1867. V. Bodelschwingh’s foundations are unique in the world. It has always been managed by 300 Protestant deaconess nuns.

And of course Axel also gets to experience the real Beckert. Beckert is the national dish of the Teutoburg Forest. Yeast dough without sugar with grated raw potatoes with or without raisins.

The Teutoburg Forest is a landscape worth admiring, containing many secrets, myths and legends. With beautiful forests and romantic small towns. A true pearl in central Germany.

The film is full of great discoveries, with unique images and very special people.

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