Mystery surrounds the health status of Pele, who is guaranteed to "be strong"

Mystery surrounds the health status of Pele, who is guaranteed to “be strong”

article Folha de Sao Paulo He raised fears of the worst on Saturday morning. And the Brazilian newspaper confirmed that the 82-year-old Pele should be placed in palliative care and that he underwent surgery to treat metastases in his intestines. The newspaper also dealt with the alarming information from ESPN Brazil, at the beginning of the week, which raised A “generalized edema” and one ‘Great mental confusion’ When he was taken to the Albert-Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo on Monday.

To the reassuring messages from his entourage, his daughters and his agent added another medical press release published this Saturday around 5 pm in Brazil (9 pm in France). Points to accept the triple world champion To re-evaluate chemotherapy for a colon tumor identified in September 2021. He is still undergoing treatment and his condition is stable. He also had a good response to care for respiratory infections, with no deterioration in the last 24 hours.”. Something to reassure millions of Pele supporters. But for how long?

“I want everyone to stay calm and positive. I am strong, and I have a lot of hope.”

Pele, in a message posted on Instagram

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A little later in the day, around 10pm in France (6pm in Brazil), a reassuring message was also posted on Pelé’s Instagram account: “My friends, I want everyone to remain calm and positive. I am strong, I have a lot of hope, and I am taking my medication as usual. I would like to thank the entire medical team for the care I have received. I have great faith in God and every love letter I receive from you, all over the world, gives me Full energy. And also see Brazil in the World Cup! Thank you for everything.”

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