Mysterious disappearance of dogs surrounded by lava

Posted on Saturday 23 October 2021 at 09:59

A giant drone was supposed to save them, but four dogs trapped by lava flows on the island of La Palma, whose fate fascinates Spain, mysteriously disappeared, not knowing who was able to save them.

evaporated. These emaciated hounds, whose photos circulated widely on the Internet and stranded for weeks in a kind of fence surrounded by lava flows from Cumbre Vieja volcano, in the town of Todoc, were a target for everyone. Attention.

After calls from residents and animal defense associations, a rescue operation was prepared for several days by Aerocameras, which received the go-ahead from the authorities to infiltrate the tusks with a giant 50-kilogram drone equipped with a ‘steel broad rocket’. Clear.

But one of its drones flying over the area on Thursday found that the dogs were no longer there. Then Aerocameras decided on Friday to end the operation and return its teams to Galicia (Northwest Spain), where the company is based.

“After carrying out reconnaissance missions by covering the entire security perimeter where the dogs were to be located, we can say that our drones have not detected any trace of the animals,” Aerocameras wrote on Twitter on Friday.

On Thursday, the company indicated that it had detected “traces of people who entered the area”, but that it was prohibited.

Who could have saved these dogs?

An anonymous video was posted on social networks, showing aerial photos of the area and the empty can, as well as a white canvas stretched over one of the low walls surrounding the place and declaring “La Palma bravery. The dogs are fine.” Signed letter from “All Risks Agency” in reference to the 1980s American television series.

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If some invoke the animal advocates’ nod, others, like Animal Aid Society, which reported in early October sequestering hungry canines, think of the dog owner(s) relatives.

Police and local authorities were unable to confirm this information, nor to clarify whether an investigation had been opened.

The case continued on Friday to stir social media. has received more than 15,000 euros in donations after opening Kitty Online for Dogs.

The Cumbre Vieja eruption, which began on September 19, is still without fatalities but causing extensive damage: lava covered 886 hectares and destroyed 2,122 buildings, including hundreds of homes, according to the report. European system of geospatial measurements Copernicus.

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