An Iranian official was slapped hard during the inauguration

An Iranian official was slapped hard during the inauguration

Abedin Khurram is “strict” on the regime, but the slap has left him uneasy.

International – there is sound and image. On October 23, the former regent of the Islamic Revolution Abedin Khorram delivered his inauguration speech as governor of East Azerbaijan region, north IranBut it didn’t go as planned. Really a man on stage to slap him resoundingly, You can also find out in the video at the top of this article.

The attacker, whose name is not known at the moment, is said to be a soldier, according to Iran’s Fars News Agency. What is the reason for his anger? The way the public service would treat his wife: she would have received it Vaccine against covid From a man’s hand a mixture rejected by some Islamic practices.

This violent scene lasted only a few seconds, after which his ceremony resumed in the presence of Iranian Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi. He is also a former guard of the revolution, in office since the summer of 2021, as he put it Hardening in nominations Officials from Tehran.

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