My Excellency comes to "Fürstenhof"

My Excellency comes to “Fürstenhof”

Fans of “Storm of Love” can look forward to a new character in their favorite series. As ARD announced on its preview, a new character is coming to the hotel – and he’s no stranger.

This is a newcomer, “Love Storm.”

Cornelius’s son Benny visits Fürstenhof. We already know from previous episodes of “Love Storm” that the relationship between mother and son is more than tense.

Therefore, the arrival of “Benny” could cause a big fight. Robert, the new guy on the Cornelia side, is also likely to be drawn to family drama.

Except that Benny does not come to the hotel to talk to his mother. He wants to travel to New Zealand, but has a falling out with his father and now needs money. We are curious if he might not stay any longer in “Bichlheim” after all.

She played “Penny” Florian Burgkart. He was seen in smaller roles in “For Heaven’s Sake” and “In All Friendship – The Young Doctors”. He played the main role in the movie “King Laurin.” Florian is also active in the theater.

Perhaps, from the end of May it will be part of Sturm der Liebe.

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