MotoGP 2021 Russian wants to say goodbye to Italy without giving up his pharaohs Bagnaia and Morbidelli

MotoGP 2021 Russian wants to say goodbye to Italy without giving up his pharaohs Bagnaia and Morbidelli

Today, after two straight victories, at Aragon and Misano, Bagnaia is Quartarro’s number one chaser for the 2021 title. These races don’t go to points, and they can still be beaten by Bagnaia, Mir, Zarco and Miller. The sight of the mind, of course, but only fate knows what it will be like.

Russian: « Realistically, it’s very difficult for Pecco because Quartararo has a huge advantage, 48 points is a lot, especially since there are only four races left. So this year is tough for Beko. But he just has to do what he showed over the past weekend. Then we have to see what Quartararo does. Pecco should try to keep the title fight mathematically open until the end. Because until it’s mathematically over, you keep trying »

It’s a law that’s not his law but he’s very fond of, and his (long) life in MotoGP has shown that, we have to keep it going until it’s over, a kind of abstinence that can have really unexpected consequences, especially obviously. If Quartararo obviously had accidents or worse if injured. We have seen unexpected champions in all of his top-tier sports because they scored an incredible number of points in the last few minutes (remember that famous match of 2017, in football, Paris Saint-Germain won 4-0 the match. Go and lose 6 goals to one On the way back, a” return »It is impossible to imagine it yet …) in a sport I know best, rugby, in 1999 during the World Cup, in the semi-finals, in Twickenham, at half-time, in New Zealand (the famous nery) He was up 17-10 but at the end of the second half the French won 43/31, which is totally unpredictable but very real.

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Well, that’s rare, but it does happen. I often wrote in MotoGP that anything is possible, even this.

Hence the advice to Bagnaia who took second place and without soft tires in the official tests in Misano, he is at the moment an unbeatable rocket but the rockets have weaknesses as well … but precisely what is beautiful is that the end of the 2021 season is not over yet and perhaps Continuing on the Portimão trip…

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