Cycling, Filippo Baroncini Under23 World Champion!  A devastating shot and a single victory!  - OA Sport

Cycling, Filippo Baroncini Under23 World Champion! A devastating shot and a single victory! – OA Sport

From a silver disappointment for Trento to an all-golden victory in Leuven’s win. Within eight days, morale Filippo Baroncini, as his condition changed above all else: Blue was crowned U-23 world champion, with a masterful rush at the end In the course of the northern classics such as those in Leuven. For Bill Paisi, this is the second consecutive title in this category after Samuel Battistella in 2019. In any case, the exceptional performance of the team led by Marino Amadori, perfect from the first kilometer to the last kilometer, must be noted.

A very treacherous road, perhaps not in terms of elevation, but certainly in relation to the roads. Already in the transport department many groups fall into groups, which then follow immediately after the start. In the end, the escape by force vanished, and three men attackedGleb Karpenko (Estonia), Logan Corey (New Zealand), and Adam Ward (Ireland). The group managed the situation in the best possible way, with a 4 minute delay, but without compromising too much.

After entering the circle, the cards on the table changed: The fugitives were reached in the first hour and a group of about ten men was formed. blue Luca Colnaghi Among the supporters, along with him were also Tomas Kubicki (Czech Republic), Finn Fischer Black (New Zealand), Mauro Schmid (Switzerland), Fabio Costa (Portugal), Kevin Vermeerke (US), Jared Driesners (Australia), Dan . Howell (Netherlands) and Anders Johansen (Norway).

At the end of the penultimate lap, the Swiss Schmid was able to take advantage on his own, separated all competitors, joined by a quick group drawn from Holland. On the penultimate climb, 5 km from the finish line, a brutal act of Filippo Baroncini: a stunning shot of the blueLet’s remember Philip Gilbert from the good times. Separate all competitors: 5″, 10″, 15″ margin, with All team members to break down group changes.

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The Italian rider managed the advantage better, enjoying the last kilometer to the fullest with certainty of winning and To be able to raise your arms to the sky calmly. And behind him went the other medals of the Eritrean Benyam Girmay sweet and Dutch Olaf Koig, With Michele Gazzoli and Filippo Zanna celebrate, respectively, in the fourth and seventh positions.

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